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Bag of Cans slammed for ‘repetitive’ single release show at Norwich Arts Centre

A band has been criticised for doing a “predictable” single release show, as wincing fans say “we’ve seen it before”.

Norwich five-piece Bag of Cans are set to release their new single Colchester Leisure Centre at the Norwich Arts Centre on May 3.

But outraged members of the public were quick to knock the announcement, quick to point out “it’s basically the same as what they did for their album”.

Speaking to the Daily Ra, one Bag of Cans fan said: “It’s so repetitive. They should try and do something a bit more interesting than just another gig at NAC.

“Can they really think of nothing else? I mean it’s basically a Blur/Dingus Khan mashup anyway.”

Another simply said: “Yawn.”

“These days, if you try and do something different they’ll lock you up and throw you in prison,” said lead singer George Baker, 28, ripping off a famous comedian in the process.

The band nodded in agreement: “These days.”