PONY UP presents Bag of Cans

Norwich Lanes

+ Anna’s Bones + Red Marr

Pub Money single launch

A very brief history of the events leading up to this gig, by Bag of Cans:
Did you know that Norwich Arts Centre used to be a church? Yeah, it used to be a church. St. Swithun’s church. Ah yes, that’s what they used to call it.
Although an earlier Anglo-Saxon church may have existed on the site, this is not entirely known and therefore open to a debate. One that we’d like to avoid (we’re trying to keep this press copy short and to the point).
St. Swithun’s dated back from 1349 and operated like any other Medieval place of worship. You know the score, monks and the like. Communion. Bread. More bread. Lots of crippling guilt. Even more bread.
In 1882, the church’s tower was demolished as it had become damaged and was later replaced by a bell-cot (a small framework and shelter for one or more bells).
Anyway, then in 1905 a clergyman named John Sawbridge raised funds for it to be re-open….. What’s that? More to the point? OK let’s get to the point. Where are we?
OK, the church was rebuilt yada yada yada. Then World War One, the sixties. Obviously the whole punk thing. Quicker? Alright you… keep your habit on!
90’s! Coldplay! Covid! Aaand. 2022, November 3rd – we’ve leapt into the future a little bit here.
Red Mar take to the stage first. These experimental legends are taking Norwich by the unmentionables and scaring a lot of people by how good they are.
Then Anna’s Bones step forth ‘pon the stony floors. Beautiful indie punk music that makes you want to join a shield wall and ring your mum and cry at the same time.
Then Bag of Ca…What’s that? Ah we’re out of time. Sorry.