PONY UP presents Karma Sheen

Norwich Lanes

Hailing from cosmopolitan London, the music of Karma Sheen merges Hindustani Classical, fuzzy 60s Rock à la Jimi Hendrix and Sufi inspired lyricism, deeply rooted in cultural heritage. Spearheaded by Sameer Khan, who’s formally trained by a 600-year-old lineage of musicians from modern-day Pakistan, this group of multi-instrumentalists aims to bring timeless tradition to new realms.

By daring to embrace the Hindustani format while drinking from retro aesthetics and resignifying it all with the avant-gardism of neo-psych, they create something both recognizable and new.

The group became known for their captivating performances fuelled by a plethora of electrified folk instruments, and increasingly gained space in the live circuit, supporting established acts such as Witch, Os Mutantes Dur Dur Band and Sarathy Korwar.