Physical Theatre Company, Ephemeral Ensemble presents REWIND

REWIND invites you to witness the investigation of a crime, which slowly reveals Alicia’s identity, a woman who dared to resist against authoritarianism. REWIND combines the science behind Forensic Anthropology with fact-based stories of resistance, to create an emotional and atmospheric experience evoked by vibrant physical theatre, powerful live music and striking visuals.

REWIND is inspired by testimonies of refugees whose lives were affected by dictatorship in 1970’s Latin America and young adult migrants whose lives have been affect by human rights abuse in Latin America in 2019-2021. Forensic Anthropology is a science but also an act of resistance. Ephemeral Ensembles’ methods of investigation were evolved in Latin America to find forced disappeared people during military dictatorship period. Through the analyses of injures on bones, the science led a revolution in how human rights are investigated.