Round Midnight presents Gotts Street Park

Norwich Lanes

On The Inside, the debut album from Gotts Street Park, is more than an album – it’s an invitation. “We want listeners to feel like they’re stepping into a room with us, peering into our process,” say the acclaimed Leeds trio, describing a genre-hopping odyssey that acts as a collective diary of everything their relationship encompasses, both as collaborators and close friends.

“When we listen back, we can hear the mood we were in on different days and in different seasons of our lives,” they explain – which is why each hazy analogue synth melody, each pentatonic bass fill, each dusty guitar melody emerging from a seventies Fender amp seems tell a story. A story of three companions who’ve been honing their creative chemistry for a decade, and who want their music to communicate, on record, exactly how it feels when they’re in the studio writing it. “Our music isn’t super messed-with or over-produced. A lot of the time, we haven’t done much to change the music from how it was created.” On The Inside’s title represents that rawness, they add – “how the music is what it is. It’s a window into our world.”