Round Midnight presents Move 78

Norwich Lanes

Move 78 are a Berlin-based band whose signature sound is a balance between free-flowing, improvised jazz and programmed, automated hip-hop.

The band consists of Doron Segal (keyboards), Nir Sabag (drums), Hal Strewe (bass), Meravi Goldman (French horn) and Aver (sampler/production). Their music is crafted from hours of studio improvisations that have been chopped-up, rearranged, and layered with additional strings, flute and horns.

Move 78’s live performance is not just a replaying of this material, but rather an expansion of the band’s creative process, one where human reactions are provoked and augmented by technology. Starting with small clusters of samples and familiar sequences, the musicians feed off each other until the emerging musical patterns cascade together in harmony, creating new spontaneous compositions. Not only does Aver sample these sounds in real-time on stage but he also takes the atmospheric live recordings away and uses them as the basis for new studio ideas, forming a feedback loop of creation and learning.