Seven Ages of Woman

Norwich Lanes

Discussions, provocations & reflections.

Conversations between women that men can listen to.

Seven Ages of Woman is a conversations event – a series of opportunities for women at all stages of life to share something they have prepared and want to say about an aspect of their womanhood.
Trans inclusive.

TW: The conversations will contain themes of medical situations, bodily functions, trauma, mental illness, dysmorphia, gender and discrimination.

A few rules:

Everyone in the venue will treat all others with mutual respect.
Discussion and questions must relate to the topic or address views expressed – not anybody’s person directly.
The event is about listening to each other – not waiting to talk at each other.
Please avoid using acronyms or abbreviations to avoid confusion.

Want to be involved? Contact [email protected]

Followed by True Stories Live: Seven Ages of Woman at 7.30pm (Pay What You Can Afford).