Solem Quartet: Life Episodes

Creative Quarter Over the Water

Beethoven Bartók Now: Life Episodes brings together a world premiere from Edmund Finnis with music by Beethoven and Bartók, and beautiful filmed testimonies created by Jessie Rodger, to produce a one-off music-film event, portraying survival, healing and rejuvenation.

The third movement of Beethoven’s Quartet op. 132 was written while convalescing after a serious illness in 1824-25. He wrote this slow movement entitled “Heiliger Dankgesang eines Genesenen an die Gottheit, in der lydischen Tonart” as a hymn of thanks to God for his recovery, praising his reawakened life.

Edmund Finnis has used this profoundly uplifting movement as the inspiration for his Quartet no. 3, ‘Devotions’ which will receive its world premiere at this concert.

Completing the musical programme is Bartók’s brooding Quartet no. 2. This work was written in three parts, described by the composer’s friend and colleague Zoltán Kodály as “life episodes”.

Interwoven with the musical programme, to reflect and enhance its message, will be films made by Jessie Rodger ( featuring four moving portraits of people who tell their own remarkable stories of overcoming adversity.