StringFEST: Festival of Bowed, Plucked & Hammered Instruments

Norwich Lanes

SAMA Arts Network, The Raga Fellowship Foundation and Canada Council for the Arts are proud and excited to bring to the listeners of Norwich the magic of classical Indian instrumental music.

StringFEST teams up The Autumn Barzākh which features musical collaboration between two of the finest contemporary maestros of Hindustani classical music: Maestro Arnab Chakrabarty(sarod) and Pandit Sanju Sahai (tabla). Leading the prestigious artistic lineages of their gurus, these two virtuosos have fused the best of traditional music with a contemporary spin.

Expect to be dazzled by the various compositions that the artists will play in the traditional rāgas of the subcontinent. Listeners can look forward to the highly anticipated musical dialogue between the instruments, as well as a special solo tabla component in the middle that will highlight the intricacies of tāla – a subcontinental system of percussive rhythm. This event is specially curated with the dynamic sensibilities of a diverse, cosmopolitan audience in mind and will feature a mix of the introspective elements of rāga music and the playful energy of instrumental techniques.

StringFEST: Festival of Bowed, Plucked & Hammered Instruments is part of SAMA’s annual artistic programme. It teams up with Autumn Barzakh – Named after the Sufi philosophy of the Barzākh, the spiritual-aesthetic zone that lies between heaven and earth, this concert promises to be an elevating and nourishing experience.