Synth East

Norwich Lanes

In partnership with Electronic Sound Magazine and Molten Modular

Day 11am-5pm

* £15 Joint ticket offer for attending DAY and EVE

Synth East is dedicated to celebrating the best in synthesizers and modular through hands-on interaction and live performance. You’ll be able to play with all sorts of electronic instruments, talk to the makers and manufacturers and experience artists playing music with their machines.

From 11am to 5pm the Norwich Arts Centre will host manufacturers and enthusiasts from the world of synthesizers and modular. It’s an exhibition of current and classic instruments that you’ll be able to have a go on and, in some cases, even take home with you. Gear will be available to purchase.

Peppered through the day will be some short performances on the stage in the auditorium. This will include the Steve Davis All-Stars Modular Patch-Off.