The Glorious Glowing Lantern Parade at BeWILDerwood


A magical twilight adventure awaits… it’s spooooky not scaaaary!

Join us for our most famous and fantastical event of the year! BeWILDerwood will shine like never before in a gloriously glowing woodland display!

A glorious opportunity to see BeWILDerwood by night and meet all your forest friends awaits! Start your adventure at Hazel’s Hideaway, then journey through the WILD woods as lanterns light your way through our enchanting woodland.

See if you can spot the Grubbles as they pitter-potter around their campsite.  Listen to the “PAQUAAAAAR!” of the Parasquawk in his nest before venturing on to meet Swampy, the Marsh Boggle. Can you help him in his special colourful quest? Find Snagglefang, the coolest bat in BeWILDerwood, hanging out at the Broken Bridge and tell him your best, bad joke! Look out for the grumbling Thornyclod Spider in his kitchen. He is getting into a bit of a stew! If you hear the words, ‘Zam Zoo Zam!’ from a house high in the trees, stop and watch Hazel! The Good Wood Witch and join her in casting her most sparkling of spells. As you journey on towards the Scaaaaary Lake, stop and say ‘Yoo-hoo!’ to Mildred, the friendly Crocklebog, in her tip-top tiara.

The Glorious Glowing Lantern Parade is on every evening from the 13th – 31st October with scheduled time slots and is a separate ticketed event. Tickets need to be booked online in advance. If visitors wish to join us in the day and in the evening, they will need to make two separate bookings.

Location: BeWILDerwood Norfolk
Horning Road
NR12 8JW