Tilted Women Reading Group: Representations of Women in Art

Norwich Lanes

The Silent Ones

“When it comes to silencing women, Western culture has had thousands of years of practice.” Mary Beard Women & Power.

We all think we know something about classical mythology. But were the myths written or rewritten to demonise or silence women, and how can a modern retelling enable us to reassess these ancient narratives?

Join author Antoinette Moses and creative producer Lucy Farrant in an investigation of some of the most famous women in Greek mythology. No advance knowledge of the myths is necessary as we will look at them and photocopies will be provided. Some of the women we will examine through fiction are Pandora, Ariadne, Circe, Medusa and the women involved in the Trojan wars. The writers will include Madeleine Miller, Pat Barker, Margaret Atwood, Ursula le Guin and Natalie Haynes.

The main book for the group will be decided at the first session and participants will be signposted to where they can access the text.

Antoinette Moses is an author and playwright. She taught creative writing at the University of East Anglia for ten years and her new book of poems, out later this year, Take Pandora for Example, is a feminist rebuttal of the traditional mythology of Crete. www.blackcranepress.co.uk

Lucy Farrant is a creative producer with a passion for mythology

Places are free but booking is required, sessions are booked individually

The first hour of each session will be used for discussion about our chosen books and themes, and then participants will be welcome to make use of the NAC bar space until 12:30 – to chat, keep warm, and to work if needed.

Refreshments will be provided by Cupcake and Co and NAC. Donations towards their cost will be appreciated.

Everyone is welcome. NAC is a trans friendly space. We ask participants to respect the environment of our previous Conversations event at which men were encouraged to listen to the discussions and ask questions later – in this case after the first hour.

Thank you to the Norfolk Community Foundation for their support.

Sessions every Thursday: Thursday 23rd March – Thursday 20th April.
10am – 12.30pm, Norwich Arts Centre bar.