Vegas Cabaret | House of Millan


House of Millan are back with yet another spellbinding night of immersive theatre and this Christmas for one night only we’re transporting you stateside, to the home of bright lights, glitz and glamour, world-class casinos and unrivalled entertainment.

Our story is set in our own five-star casino complete with a stellar show featuring our first-class performers.

Join us as take you to the underworld of Sin City and uncover what sought after treasure lies beneath in the vaults of this gambling den.

Entry to our show at the casino gains you a delectable charcuterie board later accompanied by sweet treats and a glass of fizz!

From previous House of Millan nights, no bets need to be placed that this night will have you dancing out of your seats and leave you wanting more.
We encourage all of our guests to dress up for the occasion and indulge in the glamour of Vegas! Get ready for a night of music, dance, spectacle and glamour. A ticket to this and you’ve hit the jackpot!