On the Water

Living life on the waves

You wake up, make a cup of tea and stare blissfully across the water. The Broads National Park is a year-round destination to be enjoyed across all seasons. A haven for wildlife, tranquility and a more gentle way of life. Appealing? Yes, sign me up.

Norwich is the only city in the UK situated in a national park. That’s something to shout about. The Broads is a large area of Norfolk made up of manmade navigable waterways covering around 125 kilometres. And set around these beautiful waters are charming market towns and villages, winding roads, nature reserves and public paths for walking and cycling.

Situated only 20 minutes drive from Norwich is one of the main hubs of the Broads – Wroxham. Here you’ll find pleasure boats to reside on, waterside properties, great eateries, tours and picnic boats for hire by the hour.

North, south and east of Norwich there are incredible water themed experiences and stays to be enjoyed. And as in any city, there are different areas – some are busy, some quiet some completely off the beaten track.   All though are accessible to Norwich so whether you pick a two-centre visit – city and water, or you stay in the Broads and visit Norwich for the day. Or the other way around, it’s all possible.