Around the world in 80 plates

12 September 2019

Around the world in 80 plates

Originally published 2019

So, you’re going out for dinner with the family. You fancy Japanese food; your mum wants Italian; your brother thinks you should go to the new BBQ restaurant down the road, and your grandparents are insisting on a carvery because it is Sunday, after all.

What do you do? Well, you could spend 5 hours in the kitchen juggling numerous saucepans and oven temperatures, or you could go somewhere that caters for all of these tastes. Such a place does exist…

COSMO Authentic World Kitchen is located in the centre of Norwich, in a contemporary upper-floor restaurant just off London Street.

Inspired by the best five-star hotels in the world, COSMO  offers a truly international range of delicious, freshly prepared food and serves around 150+ different dishes under one roof. You will find something for everyone, so if you are indeed facing the ‘all my family like different things’ situation, then this is the ideal solution.

The restaurant itself is the perfect place for relaxed dining. With an ‘all you can eat’, buffet-style service, you are free to visit the kitchen as many times as you like. And boy, is there a selection to choose from.


Photo: COSMO Norwich

Side by side is cuisine from all the corners of the globe, freshly prepared and organised in differently themed stations around the kitchen area, which you can visit at any time. Fluffy Japanese buns sit in bamboo steamers, just a few steps from a sizzling churrasco grill. You can spot hand prepared sushi, as you wait for fresh ingredients to be turned into a delicious pasta dish of your choice – right in front of your eyes – by one of COSMO’s  trained chefs. There is just so much to try, and conveniently you can sample as much as you like all for one fixed price (so no squabbling over the bill at the end, either).

From savoury to sweet, COSMO also have an extensive selection of desserts, including gorgeous mini cheesecakes, tiramisu, fruit salads, ice cream and a chocolate fountain! Add to this their extensive (and reasonably priced) bar menu, which also features some of your favourite cocktails from around the world, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for a relaxed, fuss free evening out. No matter who wants rice and who wants roast beef.


COSMO Norwich