Norwich in the news

24 September 2020

Norwich in the news

We’re absolutely delighted to have seen Norwich in the news this week – for all the right reasons of course! Did you see the amazing images from the weathercock of Norwich Cathedral? It made the Guardian.

Historic building conservation specialists WallWalkers (father and son team), scaled the 96m (315ft) spire on Thursday 17 September to put the weathercock back in place on the highest point of the Cathedral. Norwich Cathedral has the second highest spire in the country – second only to Salisbury Cathedral.

Chris and Sam Milford install the re-gilded weathercock on the 315 foot spire. Photograph: Norwich Cathedral/Bill Smith

Fun fact. The weathercock is 83cm (2ft 9ins) high and the height of the Cathedral spire excluding the weathercock is 95.36m (312ft 10⅓ ins).

The spire that today rises high above our city’s skyline is actually Norwich Cathedral’s third documented spire. The first known spire was completed in 1297 but was later blown down in a storm of 1361-2. The next spire was burnt in a fire in 1463 caused by lightning. The current spire, which is constructed of a brick cone with stone facing, was thought to have been designed by Robert Everard and built later in the 15th century. Records suggest it may have been completed in 1485!

AHA! If you’re an Alan Partridge fan and you were up early in Norwich on Thursday 24 September you would have seen a monument to the man himself slap bang outside The Forum. No one was expecting it and fans are going crazy! By all accounts it will remain until Sunday 27th so hurry if you want to see it in person.

And finally, if you were quick on Wednesday, you would have seen a fabulous picture across Norwich Market on BBC One Breakfast during the weather update. A stunning shot of Norwich Market and the Castle.