Top Norfolk Produce (and where to eat it!)

16 September 2019

Top Norfolk Produce (and where to eat it!)

Originally published 2018

So we know we always wax lyrical about how brilliant the food offer in Norfolk is, but that’s because it’s just so great!

Fresh food, gorgeous flavours and seasonal produce is key to what makes Norwich and Norfolk’s restaurants so excellent; we’ve highlighted our 5 favourite foods that the area is known for – as well as a rundown of some fantastic restaurants which are known for serving up local produce.

Remember that most of their menus change fairly regularly, so you can never guarantee what will be included – book a table and take a chance, you never know what new favourite you might discover!

Image: Crab and celeriac remoulade at The Last Wine Bar 


Crab is a hugely popular shellfish all over the country, but Norfolk – and specifically Cromer – is truly a magnet for crab lovers. The crab caught here is known for having very tender flesh and a high proportion of white meat to dark, making it rather special! Cooked in a recipe or just eaten on its own, it’s a truly delicious Norfolk speciality.


This hero vegetable is not only very tasty (favourite methods of cooking differ from person to person, of course – but we can never fail to love it paired with Hollandaise sauce!) but also packed full of antioxidants and nutrients. Though there are many varieties from various countries, many reckon that British Asparagus is the best – and Norfolk Asparagus is highly regarded as an excellent variety (season late April to end of June). The light soil of East Anglia is thought of as perfect conditions for growing this vegetable, so we’d highly recommend you sample some at one of the area’s many eateries which include it on their menu.


A fresh, affordable and scrumptious shellfish, mussels are an ideal addition to many recipes. A particularly good area for shellfish such as these is Brancaster Staithe’s lovely clean waters – mussels are indiscriminate feeders so this is an ideal area to find them – and they are best enjoyed (depending on the weather each year) during September to April roughly – an easy way to remember this is during months with an ‘R’ in them!


Norfolk and Norwich are lucky enough to be home to countless breweries and distilleries, especially with lots of new start-ups popping up all over the city, but our favourites have to be two award-winning businesses: Woodforde’s Norfolk Ales and the English Whisky Co.

Woodforde’s are very experienced brewers, having been producing fine beers out at Woodbastwick (near the famous Norfolk Broads) for over 30 years! Not only do they sell their brews all over Norfolk, but you can visit the Brewery to sample them and book a tour to learn more about the brewing process.

St George’s Distillery is home to The English Whisky Company, which – amazingly – was the first distillery in England in over 100 years when it opened! Their in-house shop stocks a wide range of liquors and you can also take a tour of their distillery (open 7 days a week) along with some sampling!

Both of the above – it is worth mentioning – sell their products online. So, if you’ve visited and run out then you can easily replenish – you needn’t miss out!


There are so many amazing restaurants in Norwich where you can enjoy some locally sourced food and drink and shops which stock lots of local produce. Here’s our Top 10 to start you off:

  1. The Britons Arms
  2. Roger Hickman’s Restaurant
  3. The Last
  4. Benedicts
  5. Côte Brasserie
  6. Norwich Market
  7. The Bay at Jarrolds
  8. The Cosy Club
  9. The Ivy Norwich Brasserie
  10. The Winepress at The Maids Head (top tip – book the snug for something special)

And just outside Norwich in the Broads – The Norfolk Mead, and in North Norfolk The Walpole Arms