The Enchanted

Norwich Lanes

The Enchanted is a special musical & entertainment event for children of all ages & abilities.

From interactive Princess performances singing all the favourite Disney classics to an interactive Disco with bubbles, games & props.

The fun starts as soon as you arrive with our Disney Themed Disco where you can also join us for our curated singalongs, dancing competitions and musical games.

If you prefer to be more creative then you might want to take part in our crafts and activities session which includes a supervised wand making workshop with Tinkerbell.

This magical event invites you to immerse yourself in a fantastical realm of princesses and superheroes, where the impossible becomes possible and the extraordinary is the norm.

The event features captivating performances by beloved princess characters, showcasing their grace, beauty, and charm as they take to the stage to sing, dance, and interact with the audience.

After the princesses have had their moment in the spotlight, get ready for appearances from some of the most beloved superheroes around for your meet and greet and selfie photo moment!

Finally we will announce our fancy dress winners and finish off with our Greatest Showman Singalong Finale.

With magical characters, dazzling music, and stunning visuals, alongside games, giveaways, mini dance classes and other activities, “The Enchanted” promises to be an experience that will transport you to a world of fantasy and adventure! Don’t miss your chance to be part of the magic!

Children With Additional Needs

We strive for our events to be inclusive and accessible to all children, with accommodations and support in place for those with additional needs and special abilities such as ADHD, Down Syndrome and Autism Spectrum Disorder.

To ensure that all children can access and enjoy the magical world of The Enchanted, we have a separate one hour pre event prior to the full two hour event which is adapted to accommodate children with a more diverse range of special abilities.

This includes:

• Background Music – Not loud music

• Adapted performances, play sessions & crafts with sensory toys

• Low & Calm Lighting – No strobe lighting, lasers or bright flashing lights

• Calming Environment – No loud bangs or unexpected surprises

• No large Crowds – Reduced audience capacity

We endeavour to cover as many areas for children with additional abilities in our pre-event hour and are always happy to see if we can accommodate any further requirements.

Step into a world of enchantment and wonder at “The Enchanted”!


Pre Event for children with special abilities (2pm-3pm):

Adults – £10.00

Carer – £10.00

Children – £12:50

Main Event (3pm-5pm)

Adults – £12:50

Carer – £12.50

Children – £15:00

Prewalkers – FREE

* Face Painting, Photobooths, Food, Drinks or Confectionary stands or items are not included in the ticket price and will be an additional cost at the event.