Chris Levine at Houghton Hall

24 November 2021

Chris Levine at Houghton Hall

Get ready for a stunning light show at Houghton Hall this winter. This major solo exhibition of contemporary British artist, Chris Levine, 528 Hz Love Frequency, marks the inaugural winter show in the historic grounds of this prestigious art venue. But hurry! It’s only on until the end of December, and trust us – you do not want to miss this. Tickets cost £18, and you can book online here.

Chris Levine at Houghton Hall

Running between 22 October and 23 December 2021, the exhibition features a series of new holographic artworks, print works and large immersive laser and LED installations, created specifically for the unique environs of the house and grounds. Each distinctive work is characteristic of Levine’s unique and cutting-edge work with the meditative and immersive properties of light and sound.

Levine is best known for his large-scale, immersive sculptural light installations that invite the viewer to be present, in the moment. He works in pursuit of an expanded state of perception and awareness through image and form, frequency and vibration, describing his practice as using light and geometry to create a space where consciousness and the physical realm overlap.

Levine harnesses the power of light not just as a core material of art but also something with which to create powerful collective experiences. And this exhibition is his largest to date.

In 2004, Levine was commissioned to create a portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. This iconic portrait is exhibited alongside works of other famous sitters including Kate Moss and Grace Jones.

And the centrepiece of the show is a monumental spherical structure Molecule of Light on the front lawn that emits a sound beam. This vast new sculptural work with 3D ambisonic sound comes to life as darkness falls.

The audience can immerse in modulating sound frequencies on the solfeggio scale which numerically relate to sacred geometry and correlate to the energy nodes in the body known as chakras. Tha aim is for people to be drawn into a brief meditative state that is both uplifting and purifying by bathing in this sound beam.

By day, the sphere uses natural light to generate more patterns giving it a vibrational quality, and at night it becomes the centre of an immersive field of laser light forms that transform the grounds of Houghton unlike anything seen before.

Levine is perhaps best known for producing light portraits of notable cultural figures, most famously his depiction of the Queen in Lightness of Being (2012). In the South Wing gallery, along with his celebrated royal portrait, his acclaimed iconic portraits of Banksy, and Grace Jones, amongst others, are on show.

Book your tickets now to experience this fantastic exhibition. Food and drink are available to purchase, although please note that the house and gardens will not be available to view.