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11 August 2020

Explore Norwich’s Outdoor Art

Art has long been a story in Norwich, and you don’t have to travel far through the city to see it. Expressed through many mediums, art in Norwich tells its stories in wonderful city venues hosting a variety of artistic styles and artists. They are, in fact, works of art within works of art.

But not all art is ensconced in galleries or displayed on walls in homes and public buildings. Early man created art works without canvas; cave walls were used to express feelings and tell stories. Today painting directly onto interiors and exteriors to express feelings, emotions and stories is not unusual, and since 2016 the City of Stories has been doing just that.

Inspired by architecture in the US where art is presented on the outside of buildings, Norwich Business Improvement District led the  in a move to create more cultural sights and add to the already rich cultural offer across the city, embarked on a series of Norwich, the City of Stories murals. The aim of the project is to bring art to everybody! Art for tourists and locals walking and driving through the city to enjoy without consciously knowing it; painted onto offices, buildings and spaces – art to be experienced close up or from a distance. Art creating interest and form where once plain walls were in existence.

Created by Poppy Cole.

Norwich has 9 large murals across Norwich with a further 12 smaller pieces within Norwich Market.

City of Stories
Artist: Poppy Cole
Location: Pymm & Co, Ber Street, NR1 3EJ

Black and White Line art
Artist: Beverley Coaraldean
Location: Hatch Brenner, Theatre Street, NR2 1QY

The Dragon
Artist: Malca Shotten
Location: Above Evans clothing shop, Red Lion Street, NR1 3QF

The Case for Norwich
Derek Jackson
Virgin Money Lounge, Castle Street, NR2 1PD

The Sun has got his hat on
Julia Allum
Back of Tesco Metro, Pottergate, NR2 1DS

Old Norfolk Folklore
Artist: Ella Goodwin
Location: Tickety Boo!, London Street, NR2 1HL

The Market-Place of the Iceni
Artist: Joey LaMeche
Location: Next to Castle Galleries, Arcade Street, NR2 1PN

City Living
Artist: Matthew Owen and Ian Westbrook
Location: Frankie and Benny’s, Riverside, NR1 1WZ

City of Stories & Mavericks 
Artist: Andrew S. Wilson
Location: St Stephens Street, NR1 3QR

Norwich Market

Focusing on Norwich’s: Past, Present and Future, the Norwich Market urban art series is a celebration of Norwich’s rich culture and heritage. These new creations bring even more stories and life to this ancient marketplace. They are to be found dotted around the stalls.

The project has been a collaboration between Norwich Business Improvement District and Norwich Market with five community groups including Notre Dame School, Free School Norwich, The Norwich School, Open Youth Trust and Norwich Theatre Royal. The art was produced by seven artists – Kieran Harper, Amy Fellows, Lucie Knight, Emma Hulett, Katie Nice & Maisie Moffat, Ralph McCarthy and Joey LaMeche.

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