Emily in Paris ... in Norwich!

5 October 2020

Emily in Paris … in Norwich!

If you’re anything like us and addicted to Netflix, you’ll have spotted a series pop into ‘New Releases’ called Emily in Paris.

Sex and the City fans will be head over heels for this delicious new comedy drama from producer Darren Star, about an American girl who has landed a fabulous marketing job in Paris.

So what’s Norwich got to do with Paris? The answer is more than you might first think. Paris is arguably the lead character in this new series – well maybe joint first with the delightful Emily, played by Lily Collins – and okay the city doesn’t have a script per say, however what it cannot verbally communicate it more than makes up with its delightful and charming visuals at every moment, from the office to the café on the corner, from the florist to the Eiffel Tower lit at night. Nothing in Paris looks iffy. Absolutely nothing. And we all want to jump on a flight there right now.

But what if Emily were to land her dream job in Norwich? Where do you think ‘Emily in Norwich’ would stray? We’re not saying Norwich can compete with Paris but what we are saying is that if Emily in Norwich became a thing, where would her Instagram account take her?

So the challenge? Influencers and people of Norwich, get your glad rags on, perfect your pout, dig out a beret and dust down your best handbags. We would love to see where ‘Emily in Norwich’ would visit and what she might be wearing. Challenge laid down. We even have a small prize for the most imaginative and best photo chosen by the team here. So, get dressed, get out, and get posting. The winner will be announced 4 November 2020.

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