Norwich, The Next Chapter: Behind the Camera

10 August 2020

Norwich, the Next Chapter

It’s time to unpause.

Come on Norwich!

Step out onto these streets.


but with hope – after all –

this   is   business unusual.

Stick a mask on. It’s all in the eyes.

Make eye contact. Make up for lost time

Standing apart. Feeling close.

Return to old haunts: the things you’ve missed.

Breathe    all    that    air.

Let’s see your familiar faces. Let’s embrace this new normal –

even if we can’t hug it out

Norwich – you’ve never looked so good.


Script by Grafik Language, Film by Meantime Media.


Thank you to our local cast, and to all the participating businesses, including Luis Neto Hair Design, Grosvenor’s Fish Bar, Pub and Paddle, CJ’s Fruit & Veg, Taxi Vintage, Jazz’s Indian Feast, Briton Arms, Dogfish, John Lewis, Strangers Coffee, Beatniks, First Bus, Jarrold, Rumsey Wells, St Andrews Brewhouse.