Wet Weather Activities in Norwich

7 October 2021

Wet Weather Activities in Norwich

Not a fan of the rain, but don’t want to waste a weekend at home on the sofa? Luckily, Norwich is a city with an abundance of fun activities that you can enjoy indoors and away from the wet and cold. Which means there’s no excuse for not heading into Norwich for some fun – whatever the weather!


There’s nothing quite like taking a leisurely walk around a museum learning and discovering new things while the weather is rubbish. And not only does Norwich have plenty of museums, but they’re all great days out too.

Norwich Castle

Norwich Castle is the perfect museum choice if you like a bit of everything. Its medieval appearance appeals to the history buffs, while inside is great for art lovers with its fantastic gallery. But that’s not all. Various exhibitions showcase objects from the region, archaeological finds, history specimens and more. They’ve even just added to their huge collection of teapots! Tickets are £6.70 for adults and £6.20 for children.

Norwich Castle

From art to history, there’s much to discover at Norwich Castle

Strangers’ Hall

Do you want to feel like you’ve taken a step back in time? To see how things would have been before television and social media? On a visit to Strangers’ Hall, you’ll find yourself transported back hundreds of years. A museum of domestic history, the oldest parts of the building date back to the 14th Century, with 16th and 17th century interiors. Adults £5.90, children £5.60, open on Sundays.

Museum of Norwich at the Bridewell

How often have you visited a city and spent the time to learn about its history? Trust us – learning the history of Norwich will certainly prove an interesting activity! At The Museum of Norwich at the Bridewell you can learn the story of the city’s industries and people, starting from medieval times and taking us up to the modern day. Admission £6.70 for adults and £6.20 for children. Open Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays 10am – 4.30pm, last admission 3.30pm.

South Asia Collection

Now this is the place to get lost for an hour or two when the wet weather outside is trying to dampen your fun. Wander on inside the South Asia Collection and you’ll be wowed by the treasures housed in this Grade II listed Victorian roller-skating rink. Sculptures, furniture, jewellery, textiles, art and more from across Asia is displayed beautifully inside for you to enjoy. And it’s free to enter!

The South Asia Collection

The South Asia Collection


Want to chase away the wet weather blues by treating yourself to a new coat, pair of snuggly socks, or that little something you’ve had your eye on for a while? Luckily, Norwich has a two large shopping centres, and three large flagship department stores as well as an independent department store. So you can shop to your hearts content and stay warm and dry the whole time.

Chantry Place

Clothes, toys, food – you name it and you can probably find it at Chantry Place. We’d recommend spending some time in the newly opened Hamleys store to find fantastic toys for the kids. And you can’t forget to give yourself a break and grab some refreshments on the dining terrace. There’s plenty to choose from, from more substantial meals which you can find at Pizza Hut, to quick bites at Chopstix and Subway.

Chantry Place

Castle Quarter

If you have a whole day to fill, Castle Quarter has more than enough to keep you occupied. As well as clothes, jewellery, food and toys, there’s plenty of fun to be had too. Catch the latest release at Vue Cinema on the top floor, or maybe you’re after something a bit more daring? Head to Boom Battle Bar for crazier golf, electric darts, beer pong, axe throwing and more! If you want something a bit more casual, there’s Superbowl for a classic game of bowling, or Retro Replay, a retro arcade and gaming lounge.

John Lewis

If you want to update your wardrobe or you’re looking for the latest tech, John Lewis is a must. With a wide selection of top brands, as well as the John Lewis Anyday range, you’ll have an abundance of choice. And if you need some advice or a little inspiration, there are personal stylists, home design advisors and nursery experts all available for appointments to make your shopping experience even better.

John Lewis

Cultural Delights

If you love spending your spare time soaking up some culture, then you’re in luck. There’s plenty to experience right here in Norwich.

Norwich Cathedral

Top of our list to visit when the weather is miserable has to be Norwich Cathedral. Its gorgeous architecture will never fail to distract you from the rain outside. Take your time exploring the Cathedral’s many delights. The Cloisters are one of the most complete features from the Middle Ages in England, and are the biggest of their kind in the country. Plus, until 30th October, you can get a glimpse of Dippy, the Natural History Museums Diplodocus cast, in the Cathedral nave. And best of all – its free to enter.

Dippy the Diplodocus in the Norwich Cathedral

Dippy the Diplodocus cast from the Natural History Museum in the nave of Norwich Cathedral. Photograph: Norwich Cathedral/Bill Smith

Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts

Just a few minutes’ drive (or bus) from the city centre is the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts. And it’s just the place for a day out. There’s fun to be had for all ages, with the incredible permanent collection at the centre featuring paintings, sculptures, ceramics, jewellery and more. There are also special exhibitions you can book tickets for if you want to extend your stay, as well as a café for a warming cup of tea or spot of lunch. On until 30th January, we’d recommend spending time at Rhythm and Geometry: Constructivist art in Britain since 1951. This free exhibition examines how this dramatic strand in post-war British art became such a popular style of the time. Admission to the permanent collection is free.

Cathedral of St John the Baptist

The Cathedral of St John the Baptist is great for those who love architecture and history. A brilliant example of Victorian Gothic Revival, its stained windows and carved stonework will surely have you looking around in awe. You can also grab some refreshments in the café, and if the weather clears up for a few minutes, take a walk in the lovely garden. Free entry.

Unique activities

For a day out with a twist why not challenge yourself to an escape game? These are great fun to do as a group and have the advantage of being indoors too!

Cryptic Escape

Be transported to the Tomb of Akhenaten, hunt for the treasure of Greenbeard, or take a brave leap and head into a haunted house with Cryptic Escape. There are plenty of fun games to discover, so what are you waiting for? Put the clues together and see if you can beat the clock.

Cryptic Escape

Can you find all the clues in a Cryptic Escape game?

Escape Hunt at Chantry Place

Highly immersive 5* escape rooms await at Escape Hunt in Chantry Place. Choose from a whole range of themed rooms, including Doctor Who, Aladdin, Alice in Wonderland and even a Christmas  themed room for those feeling festive.