What to Expect from Wild Fields 2024

7 June 2024

What to Expect from Wild Fields 2024 

Have you heard the news? A new, socially conscious 2-day festival is coming to Norwich, and it might just be the highlight of the summer… Introducing Wild Fields! Spread across Friday 16th and Saturday 17th August, Wild Fields will showcase music from across a spectrum of genres in the beautiful surrounds of Earlham Park. It’s going to be a fantastic weekend.

To learn more about the festival, what artists are performing, how you can get involved, and where you can find even more fantastic music throughout the year, we spoke to Ben Street, Director of Wild Fields and Wild Paths. Read on to find out more!

What can we expect from Wild Fields? 

From the team behind the Norwich-based multi-venue festival Wild Paths, the family-friendly Wild Fields Festival will pair music with industry talks and climate discussions, highlighting ground-breaking new acts alongside established names, hosting stage takeovers and collaborating with regional and national partners. There’ll also be a plethora of regional food offerings, cocktails, local beers, and other beverages – and an exclusive festival afterparty yet to be announced! 

We’re bringing a number of world-class acts to Earlham Park. Ezra Collective have that infectious upbeat jazz sound that’ll get everyone moving. Then there’s the soulful, falsetto vocals of Jalen Ngonda and on Saturday, Kae Tempest will deliver a master class in lyricism before SBTRKT closes out the festival with a blend of alt-dance anthems. They’ll be joined by Sampa The Great, Squid, Jalen Ngonda, Nubya Garcia, Jeshi, Priya Ragu, Yazmin Lacey, Aby Coulibaly, Chartreuse, Nectar Woode and many, many more.

Ezra Collective are a must-see act coming to Wild Fields this year.

What’s the difference between Wild Fields and Wild Paths? 

Wild Paths is our multi-venue city event with pop-up venues in churches, old shoe factories, and wine bars, while Wild Fields is our 2-day outdoor festival with a big main stage in a city-centre park. They complement each other perfectly as it means there’s something for every music lover to enjoy! 

What artists have performed for Wild Paths before? 

We’ve had José Gonzalez, Palace, Sports Team, Biig Piig, Gilles Peterson, Olivia Dean, Lava La Rue, Ross From Friends, Emma Jean-Thackeray, Laura Misch, Jordan Mackampa, Billie Marten, and loads more all perform for Wild Paths previously. 

What inspired the move from city festival to an outdoor event in Earlham Park? 

We’ve always wanted to have a crack at an outdoor festival. There’s something really special about all congregating in a field and coming together as a community to appreciate some good music. 

But we’ll be back in Norwich’s venues and spaces with Wild Paths very soon too! The vision is to run both events on an annual basis. I think there’s a hunger for it. 

Will there be anything other than the music at Wild Fields? 

Yes, we’ll be bringing the pink, solar-powered Climate Live Bus Stage on site and presenting a number of exciting new regional acts alongside talks and debates on everything from the climate crisis to breaking gender barriers in the music industry. Oh, and there’ll also be loads of delicious food offerings from local vendors like Disco Kitchen Tacos, Namaste, Poke Nom and more! 

Namaste are bringing the most authentic taste of Indian street food you’ll find to Wild Fields!

How can people experience a little taste of the music at Wild Fields? 

We have a Wild Fields Spotify Playlist and that should give you a nice musical selection and a taste of what you’re in for! And otherwise, if you’ve visited a Wild Paths event before, you’ll know what you’re in for – great music, great production, and an amazing atmosphere all-round. 

Tickets are available now and can be purchased from the Wild Fields website. Day tickets, weekend tickets, VIP, and Kids Passes are all on sale, starting from only £30 per person. 

What’s the best way of travelling to Wild Fields? 

Jump on a Beryl bike from the city centre or the station! It’s swift, eco-friendly, and fun plus if you pop WILDBERYL20 into your app (on either the Friday, August 16, or Saturday, August 17), you’ll get 20% off your ride! There’s also plenty of buses (the 25, 26, and 26a will all get you here from the city centre) and park and ride options, or you can just take a stroll up to the site. There’s no parking on-site, so it’s worth making some plans in advance. 

If you’re coming from outside of Norwich, the train is an affordable and more sustainable way of getting to the city. Hop on a Greater Anglia train from surrounding towns and villages in Norfolk and Suffolk, or even from further out cities, like London, Liverpool, Nottingham, Sheffield, Manchester, Peterborough, and many more. From London, tickets are available from just £10 each way. Ticket prices are best when you book in advance, so be sure to get them organised soon! 

To find out more about Wild Fields and to purchase your tickets for the weekend, visit the Wild Fields website!