CoS Cup

The Norwich CoS Cup

The Norwich CoS Cup is a solution to throwaway culture, replacing outdated single-use cups with a more sustainable alternative for the city. The CoS Cup provides a more ‘to hand’ alternative to disposable cups which is more convenient. It’s okay if you forgot to bring a reusable cup- we’ve got one for you.

How does it work?

The CoS Cup has been designed to be easily used:

To use a CoS Cup, you will need to pay a £2 deposit.

Drop it, and swap it
The next time you want a takeaway coffee, take the cup the next time you visit. When you place your order at a participating shop, they will make it in a new shiny clean cup, taking the used cup to be cleaned.

If you decide you want out of the scheme, return the cup and the lid where you bought it to get your deposit refunded or drop it off at any other participating shop.

You can use your CoS Cup wherever you like, but you can only get a new cup from a participating shop.