Masters of the Air in Norwich & Norfolk

The Story behind Masters of the Air

Masters of the Air is based on the true story of the ‘Friendly Invasion’, when over 50,000 American troops came to be stationed right here in the East of England during World War II.

Find out more about Masters of the Air and the Friendly Invasion here.

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A Masters of the Air Inspired Itinerary

If Masters of the Air has inspired you into taking a visit to see Norfolk and the real airfields behind the story of the US Eighth Air Force, you’re in luck, we’ve pulled together our suggested itinerary for how you can best experience the county behind this colossal TV series.

Check out our Masters of the Air itinerary here!

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While You're Here...

There’s a whole lot more to Norfolk than Masters of the Air and while you’re here, there’s no better time to find out for yourself with a visit to Norwich.

From other unique history-inspired activities and stays, to some of the tastiest, traditional British (and global!) dishes this city has to offer, there’s plenty to get up to here in the City of Stories.

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Cheryl Cade's Tour World War 2 Air Force Tours

Whether you’re visiting to learn more about your family history and to see where relatives were stationed, or if you’re simply interested in the history behind the Friendly Invasion, it can be tricky to know where to start!

So, why not join award-winning tour leader Cheryl Cade on one of her 3-day tours around the East of England to learn more about these fascinating stories? Find out more about her tour here.

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Group Organisers & Tour Operators...

Please see our two user-friendly powerpoint decks for more about Norwich, website links, images, and destination information.

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Online Resources

There is a lot of information available online too. We have links from our website which includes personal stories, veterans recounting their experiences, and digital archives.

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