The Halls

Creative Quarter Over the Water

The Halls are closed for 2024 due to refurbishment.

The Halls are a magnificent set of buildings which were once a 13th century friary, home to the
Dominican Blackfriars who came to Norwich in 1226. The early buildings date from 1270 and
have mostly survived in the main thanks to the city Chamberlains who in 1538 petitioned Henry
VIII during the Reformation. They were purchased for £81 as long as the friary was then used as a
church and halls for civic events.

The Halls hold the largest collection of civic paintings in the country totalling 127 late 16th to 19th century paintings. See Norwich Mayors, Sheriffs and other  dignitaries including a splendid portrait of England’s most famous navel hero, Admiral Lord Nelson by Sir William Beechey, who was a friend of Nelson and a member of the Royal Academy.

Access to The Halls is limited; the paintings can be seen during public events (if entrance is allowed by the general public) or if the Halls are hired privately.

Today these magnificent buildings are available for hire for private and public events. Conveniently located in the heart of the city, The Halls are an ideal location for conferences, dinners, trade fairs, concerts and weddings.