The South Asia Collection of Decorative Arts and Crafts

Castle and Marketplace

Located close to Norwich Market, tucked behind Norwich’s Art Deco City Hall, find Bethel Street. And on Bethel Street look out for The South Asia Collection, formally known as Country and Eastern.

This is an enormous, extraordinary building – Norwich’s former Victorian skating rink. The whole cavernous building is filled with furniture, art, textiles and objects from India, Pakistan, Indonesia and more places besides.

Part retail, part museum, part exhibition space. This place is extremely special. One to browse at leisure.

With over forty years of experience working with artisans in South Asia, you will find colourful, oriental rugs and kilims, block-printed and hand-woven textiles, clothes, jewellery, furniture and decorative objects in wood, metal and ceramic.

The shop is housed in a restored Victorian roller-skating rink in the heart of Norwich, close to the market, together with The South Asia Collection Museum.