Journey Through Christmastime in Norwich 2021

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In 1121 – 900 years ago – King Henry I chose Norwich Castle for his Christmas court. Much may have changed in the last 900 years, but one thing is as true now as it was then: Norwich is the perfect place to be at Christmas.

This Christmas, in celebration of the King’s visit all those years ago, we’re taking a look back through 900 years of Christmases past. Why don’t you come on the journey with us?

Take our Christmas Crown Trail across the city, where shops, restaurants, hotels and iconic historical buildings have all hidden crowns in their windows and stores for you to find. Start your trail at Norwich Castle and get involved with one of their exciting Christmas activities, uncovering the story of King Henry I himself. Pick up a trail map from leaflet racks in the city, or from our City Hosts to get started. Or check out our online trail maps below.

And don’t forget to pay a visit to Norwich Market where you’ll find our unique Journey Through Christmastime pop-up stall.

Christmas Crown Trails

  • Christmas Crown Trail: Gold
  • Christmas Crown Trail: Green
  • Christmas Crown Trail: Purple
  • Christmas Crown Trail: Red