Christmas in Norwich

This Christmas - Norwich, the City of Stories - presents a stunning programme of new things to see and do, running until 5th January. 

In 2016 thousands flocked to Norwich to experience the UK’s first Tunnel of Light when it was unveiled in the heart of the city centre. The 45-meters long, 4 meters high and 6 meters wide tunnel, made from 50,000 pulsating LEDs with sequenced lights that reflected the patterns and colours of the Northern Lights, proved an instant Instagram sensation.

All ages marvelled at the tunnel, which became even more magical as day turned into dusk and dusk turned into night. But how do you improve on perfection? Well, you crown it, and so in 2017 the Tunnel of Light will be back once again, but this year with a new animation sequence and a glittering tiara.

Along with this magical experience, Norwich will host a wealth of Christmas events from a Festive Fair in the The Forum to the Sleeping Beauty Panto at Theatre Royal. Stay tuned for more Christmas updates not to be missed!

If you're planning a trip to Norwich this festive period make sure you plan your journey to avoid any congestion, making your travelling time quick and easy. Head over to Norwich City Councils Journey Planning pages for all the information!


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