We’re ready when you are. Visiting Norwich in 2021

26 February 2021

We’re ready when you are. Visiting Norwich in 2021.

It’s no understatement to say we’re all looking forward to the day we can get out of our homes and back into the big wide world again. To enjoy all the things we once took so much for granted. To holiday with beloved family and friends, to eat with them, experience with them and make memories once again. Oh, the things we have sacrificed and missed to keep everyone safe. Finally, the end seems to be in sight, we’re not quite there, there’s still a lot to happen however we are getting closer. As long as we remain patient and responsible for just a little bit longer.

Signs of spring are unfolding before our eyes. Trees are in bud, daffodils in bloom and birdsong calls out as the sun rises earlier with every week. Optimism hangs in the air, but our plans are still at a crossroads. As the nation comes out of winter, we are more aware than ever of our locality and the beauty of our country. Which is a good thing. There’s been an influx of TV travel shows showcasing Great Britain, and not just in the summer months. We’ve a lot to make up for and business has a huge amount to recover from.

View of the Norwich skyline from Mousehold HeathView of the Norwich skyline from Mousehold Heath

View of the Norwich skyline from Mousehold Heath

Many of us have discovered a new love of the outdoors – in all weathers. As long as we’re wearing the right clothes, we have every season to enjoy days out, holidays and socialising. We’ve shown we are resilient and resourceful, and we wonder, with having spent so much time outdoors will it mean we continue to keep it up? Will we be looking at staying in places we might not have considered before; in months we would not have considered before? Will the mix of things we do on a break or holiday include more time spent outdoors and more time spent in low season?

Ahead of taking your next visit to Norwich and Norfolk, consider all your options. Do your homework. There is a wealth of things to see, do, and experience and places to eat and shop across both Norwich and Norfolk, it’s all so close. The past year has shown us that trying something new is something to be embraced and thinking outside the box has huge benefits.

So why not stay up late one night and watch the sunset from the top of Mousehold Heath overlooking the Norwich skyline. With some locally brewed beer and bites from Norwich Market.

Norwich Market

Or how about a drive to the coast to watch the sunrise on the beach at Cromer – it’s a 30-minute drive from Norwich. Followed by a fabulous breakfast at one of the small seaside cafes on the prom or take your own to eat on the beach.

OR hire a bike in Norwich and cycle along The Marriott’s Way – it starts in the city centre -following a disused railway line enjoying nature and culture along the way.

OR book a walking tour of Norwich to learn about its Black History or its Historic Pubs.

OR spend time in a wonderful independent book shop like The Book Hive or one of Norwich’s splendid second-hand and antique bookshops. Or head into Magdalen Street to rummage through emporiums like Looses and Aladdin’s Cave which are both havens for collectables and second-hand at great prices.

OR learn watersports with day courses at Whitlingham Country Park just 2 miles from Norwich city centre.

OR take a letter-press course and make your own artwork to take home and put up on the wall.

OR learn to cook with renowned local chef, Richard Hughes!

There is a wealth of experiences in Norwich, and from Norwich, for all ages. It’s a cultural, architectural and green city with a smorgasbord of exciting things to do and it’s really close to the countryside, The Broads and coast, all 90 miles of it – 93, when the tide is out.

View of the Wensum River and Fye Bridge in Norwich

View of the Wensum River and Fye Bridge in Norwich

So how should we holiday in 2021?

• Be open to looking for things to do beyond the obvious. Mix your visit with hidden gems, exploring the outdoors for free, iconic sights and learning about where you are. Stay and explore this amazing city but add in visits to beaches and Broads – day or early evening. It’s all possible.

• Make your days last longer by getting up early for a quiet walk, admiring the architecture or by taking al fresco dinners of local delights in pretty green spaces.

• Plan your visit – we’re used to it now – to make the most of your stay.

• Pack outdoors clothes and dressing up clothes, there’s opportunity to wear both!

• Book something to do like learning a skill, or taking a walking tour, check out local events and theatres.

• Take a long countryside walk from the city centre, or hire bikes to cycle instead and finish with a drink at a city pub.

• Book the places you don’t want to miss whilst leaving some time to decide in the moment.

Norfolk & Norwich festival

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